Canadian pharmacy - service for search and order medicines and products for health, followed by a purchase of goods in a convenient for you pharmacy.

The principal difference between the service is that a purchase of goods takes place in a licensed pharmacy, which is required to comply with all the requirements, including the conditions of storage. Such a purchase is no different from the usual shopping in pharmacy, however, the service saves your time by finding the right medication throughout the city and gives you the opportunity to order all necessary, even the rare medicines in a pharmacy convenient for you.

The main principles of our company are reliability, professionalism, quality assurance of medicines and all products, courteous and prompt service.

Permitted activities: retail drugs, medical supplies and other goods subject to sale pharmacy businesses.

Our company guarantees the authenticity and quality of all delivered drugs and parapharmacy. All delivered products are certified, has a registration, strictly enforced deadlines and conditions of storage of medicines.

All our merchandise is tested on the "input" - "acceptance of goods for quality." Series of licenses for goods compared with the data of the Department of state control of quality, effectiveness and safety of medicines and medical equipment. In the process of finding items held in stock by a check on the new information about the falsified and rejected goods, which are sent in the form of letters.

Pharmacists of distinguished professionalism and competence, we have, you can always seek the advice of a qualified technician. In our pharmacy you will find the most polite and knowledgeable pharmacists.

Our company takes care of professional and career development of their staff. Many pharmacists, have not worked before in any of the pharmacies in Moscow and came to us after graduation, improved their skills and career growth achieved in our network pharmacies.

Pharmacists working in pharmacies, should be not only graduates, but also to have a Certificate, which is issued for 5 years. Our company constantly conducts training sessions for pharmacists. Manufacturers of drugs and preventive medicines visit our farmkruzhki in which pharmacists are introduced with their latest products.

We guarantee the authenticity and quality of all the medicines and medical devices. All available in our network pharmacies drug products are certified and supporting documentation for compliance with the government's requirements of quality control. Terms and conditions of storage and realization of the goods are strictly observed. Delivered to the buyer along with the order is required to provide a cashier's check.

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