Understanding Protective Masks

Please note that this guide does not in any way guarentee 100% prevention of any illness but is ment to share manufacture information on what each mask types common use is.

Disposable 3 Ply

  • Helps prevent others from getting sick by reducing localized impact of sneezing & coughing.
  • Covid – 19 Application: Those who are sick and want to protect others around them (Family, etc.)

Surgical Mask

  • Higher quality then a basic 3 ply, but with similar benefits
  • Prevents the wearer from spreading germs through sneezing and coughing
  • Covid-19 Use: Those who want a better qualiy mask and want to protect others around them.

Respirator / n95 - n99

  • Good for medical enviroments & other high-risk areas
  • Can help protect from germs by blocking out at least 95% of small airborne particles
  • Covide-19 Use: Those who want protection against dust, mold & viruses

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