During this trying time we are striving to not only maintain inventory, but also to ensure that the cost of our products are affordable. This is not always easy to do as the demand has outweighed the supply and the replenishment is not keeping up. As such, we do understand that pricing is not “business as usual” and in an effort to meet the need, we have chosen to adopt a strategy of having supply at any cost over cost efficiencies that do not provide protective products to our customers in a timely fashion. Simply put, getting you products today at any cost presides over cost savings at a future time that creates more health risks. As our customer, we hope you also see the value in protecting the public now during the highest risk period. We look forward to things returning to normal and we hope to do our part in keeping everyone healthy. Also during this time, medical, safety and transportation professionals and companies are given supply and delivery priority. 


– Team RXL

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We have a number of items in stock and ready to ship now. Please use the link below to check our online sales portal for available inventory.

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